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Links to search engines, directories and organisations

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New Zealand search engines
NZ explorer: is the main one. It uses a 'fuzzy search' algorithm, not hard keywords and boolean relationships.
Microsoft NZ: offers a categorised hierarchical list of sites and a good search engine, spidering all pages.
NZ search: A fault-tolerant ("fuzzy") search engine, restricted to New  Zealand cyberspace. 
AccessNZ: a collection of web sites and businesses
The big international search engines
Altavista  -- Excite -- Google -- Microsoft -- Hotbot -- Infoseek -- Goto -- Lycos -- Magellan -- Yahoo -- E-Blast -- Smooth -- Ihug search -- ZDNet --
links to directories in New Zealand

Acourt - Products, Brands, Trades and Companies in New Zealand. good for finding Agents / Dealers, Distributors, Service Agent and importers.

Kompass - the international business-to-business search engine

Ministry of consumer Affairs - a wealth of information that could be useful to understand your rights and obligations, a media section with the latest media releases and more.

NZ Chambers of Commerce Business Directory - a UBD directory

NZ Computer Industry Business Directory - a UBD directory detailing the computer industry

NZ Exporters Business Directory - a UBD directory for New Zealand exporters.

NZ Marine Industry Business Directory - a division of UBD, detailing the marine industries

NZ Quick Reference - ( A Planet Biz gateway to NZ) New Zealand Businesses, Products, Services and Organisations. Descriptions of types of accommodation, Adventure and Leisure, Business Services, Education, Entertainment, Fashion, Food and Drink, Health and Medical, Hobbies and Interests, Internet Services, Non Profit Organisations, Pets and Other Animals, Shopping, Sightseeing and Touring, Sports, Transport, Travel Services, Displays, Direct links to displays in this directory, Links to New Zealand Sources of News, Links to international sites of general interest, NeTrade Classified Advertising, HomeSwap listings, Home exchange & rent.

PIPERS Patent and Trademark Attorneys. Extensive information about patenting and trademark protection. Here are also thousands of NZ web sites that provide all manner of information about the land in which we live, and which we love to be in.  This is an ever-expanding and ever-evolving list (particularly as various categories herein are gradually tidied up and re-sorted).

Ralenti - Ralenti Quickfind Building Product Solutions.

Telephone book - Search Telecom's 'white pages' telephone directory for New Zealand. 

TradeInfo.net- The Trade Information Product Store catering to the international trade information needs of companies       and libraries in New Zealand. TradeInfo.net is the online source for international trade information products that are difficult to find, or unavailable anywhere else.

UBD - Search the Universal Business Directories database. 

Yellow pages - Search Telecom's yellow pages for New Zealand. 

Links to other organisations in New Zealand
APEC in NZ - APEC economies are the destination and source for approximately 70-percent of New Zealand's exports and imports, and include 10 of the country's top 12 export markets. And 12 of our top 20 tourism source countries are in the APEC region.

ITANZ - are the trade association representing suppliers of hardware, software and services in the computing and  commmunications industries.

NZ Trade Centre - The New Zealand Trade Centre Ltd is the only location in New Zealand where you can view a large range of  products and services for export.

TradeNZ - The New Zealand Trade Development Board promotes trade with NZ overseas.

links to directories world-wide
Ceramlinks:  A promotional web site providing ceramic links into the construction and decorating industries

Mining Australia - provides a searchable database of industries related to mining, in Australia

PlanetBiz - 'This directory is the most complete business resource in the world. A great gateway between Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania.'

Yellow Pages International -  find business phone numbers, listings and directories of yellow pages throughout the world.

Big Yellow Pages - Bell Atlantic's: find businesses, people, e-mail, global directories, web search 

Big Book Yellow Pages - GTE telecommunications, USA, Canada: find businesses, local shopping, maps, driving instructions.

Infospace Yellow Pages - find businesses, e-mails, maps. On-line shopping. Classifieds. More.

Zip2 Yellow Pages - Altavista's company information, product information, product announcements, catalogs, press releases, stock quotes in America. Has an intelligent search engine, fast. Provides maps and driving instructions. 

links to other organisations world-wide
Consumer World - is a master search site for consumer-related information: consumer agencies, product reviews, buyers guides, travel bargains, airline fair finders, credit card deals, health insurance and more.

Trade-World - Trade-World is a non-profit organization consisting of more than 2000 leading industrial and cultural members around Pacific Rim specialized in promoting international trade and exchange

World Trade Organisation - The WTO is the only international body dealing with the rules of trade between nations. At its heartare  the WTO agreements, the legal ground-rules for international commerce and for trade policy. The agreements have three main objectives: to help trade flow as freely as possible, to achieve further liberalization gradually through negotiation, and to set up an impartial means of settling disputes.

Banks: ASB Bank Bank Direct BNZ Countrywide Bank TSB 


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