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Common pin outs for computers etc.. 


USB / IEEE 1394 (Firewire)

Bus Speed Comparison

802.11 Wireless Standards

AGP Data Transfer Rates

File System details

Windows File System Compatibility

CPU Sockets

Hard drive Standards IDE

RS-232 Vs RS-422

Barcode Scanners 

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USB Vs Firewire Data Rates        Top of page


Maximum data rate (Mbit/s)


USB 1.1 12 Supports low-speed (up to 1.5Mbit/s) peripherals such as mice and keyboards, as well as printers, scanners and other medium-speed devices.
USB 2.0 480 Also called high-speed USB, the new standard is fast enough to support external hard drives, CD-RW drives and other high-speed peripherals.
IEEE 1394 (FireWire) 400 Popular spec for digital video camera; allows direct connection of IEEE 1394 devices (such as a DVD to TV) without the signal passing through a PC.

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Bus Speed Comparison        Top of page

Connection Type

Maximum bandwidth



ATA/133 133 1064
ATA/100 100 800
Wide Ultra2 SCSI 80 640
ATA/66 66 528
USB 2.0 60 480
WiFi5 (802.11a) 54 432
FireWire (IEEE 1394) 50 400
Ultra2 SCSI 40 320
Fast ethernet 12.5 100
Parallel port (ECP/EPP) 3 24
USB 1.1 1.5 12
WiFi (802.11b) 1.375 11
Standard ethernet 1.25 10
Bluetooth 0125 1

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802.11 Wireless Standards        Top of page

802.11 standard

What it means in English

802.11a 54Mbit/s top speed, incompatible with 802.11b
802.11b 11Mbit/s top speed, popular in home and small business networks.
802.11e Enhances audio and video transmission on 802.11a,"b" or "g" networks.
802.11g New standard with 54bit/s top speed, compatible with 802.11b.
802.11i Adds enhanced 128-bit encryption to 802.11a, "b" or "g" networks.

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AGP Data Transfer Rates        Top of page



AGP 1X 266
AGP 2X 533
AGP 4X 1066
AGP 8X 2133

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File System details        Top of page

Minimum to maximum volume size From floppy disk size up to 4GB From 512 MB to 2TB.       (note: in Windows 2000, you can only format a FAT32 volume up to 32GB) Recommended minimum volume size is approximately 10MB. Recommended practical maximum size is 2TB (terabytes). Can not be used on floppy disks.
Supports Domains NO NO YES
Maximum file size 2GB 4GB Limited only by size of volume

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Windows File System Compatibility        Top of page


File systems supported

Windows 2000 YES YES YES
Windows NT4.0 (service pack 4) YES NO YES
Windows 98 / ME YES YES YES
Windows 95 OSR2 YES YES NO
Windows 95 YES NO NO

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CPU Sockets        Top of page

CPU Motherboard Attachment
Pentium (75 to 133MHz) Socket 5 or 7
Pentium (133 to 200MHz) Socket 7
Pentium MMX Socket 7
Pentium Pro Socket 8
Pentium II Slot 1
Pentium III Slot 1 or Socket 370
Celeron (300 to 433MHz) Slot 1 or Socket 370
Celeron (466 or faster) Socket 370 (PPGA or FC-PGA)
K5 Socket 5 or 7
K6, K6-2, K6-III Socket 7 or Super 7
Athlon Slot A
Athlon (Thunderbird) Socket A
Duron Socket A

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Hard drive Standards IDE        Top of page


Introduced data transfer mode

Also known as

Maximum burst rate (megabytes per second)
ATA-1 PIO mode 1 IDE 1 to 4
ATA-2 PIO mode 3, 4 Enhanced IDE (EIDE), Fast-ATA 11.1,  16.7

No performance change; added diagnostic and security features

ATA-4 Ultra DMA mode 2 Ultra DMA/33, Ultra ATA/33 33
ATA-5 Ultra DMA mode 4 Ultra DMA/66, Ultra ATA/66 66
ATA-6 Ultra DMA mode 5 ATA/100, Ultra ATA/100 100

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RS-232 Vs RS-422        Top of page

Distance Preferred Interface
15 meters (50 feet) max RS-232
1220 meters (4000 feet) max RS-422
Over 1220 meters (4000 feet) RS-232 with modem

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